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Providing the best quality Assam Orthodox, CTC and Green Tea to tea lovers...


Tea is the most popular beverage in India, having a lot of varieties. The origin of tea is aboriginal to the eastern part but its market is spread all over India and across the world. People love to ship a cup of tea because it is indispensable & acts like an energy booster.

Besides being a comforting and pleasant beverage, it has some noteworthy healing properties also. It is rightly termed as the “wonder drink” because regular consumption of tea can help one live a healthy, fitter, and longer life. So much so, 2-3 cups of Green or Orthodox tea daily can help lower the risk of emerging hypertension disorder by 46%.

Assam Tea, an Indian black tea, is famous for its bright colour and Malty flavour-golden buds with a spicy and flowery aroma blended with tea leaves.

What’s so special about Assam tea?

It arrives from cultivar of the tea plant that grows majorly by the Brahmaputra River, in tropical region of India. Naturally teamed with plenty of health benefits and full of flavour, Assam tea completes your morning breakfast and evening brunch.

Late 19th Century - The harvest and supply of Chinese tea plants was paused.

1823- Robert Bruce, a Scottish adventurer & civil servant, explored and discovered the northeast region of India, particularly Assam. He is credited to have brought into being the first camellia Assamica growing wild in this region. He handed over the tea plants to his brother Charles, who later took charge of further research and development of the tea samples and sent them to the botanical gardens of Kolkata.

1839- First Assam Tea Company emanated. Established tea gardens for large-scale production of this black tea mushroomed, in the Assam valley. 

And, today this tea is highly regarded, transported, sold, and consumed.

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